Our Mission is to develop and manage a premier supermarket which are characterized by a commitment to improving the diabetic and obese customers' health, ethical treatment of our suppliers, and active support of our communities.

To accomplish its mission, 0% Factor's supermarket has seven values to its customers:

I. For Our Customers, We Are Committed To:

  • Providing brand products to consumers who are looking to purchase all eatable and drinkable products with guaranty that its content has 0% Total Fat, 0% Saturated Fat, 0% Trans Fat, 0% Cholesterol and 0g Sugar.
  • Improving the health conditions of the obese consumers
  • Improving the health conditions of the diabetic consumers
  • Improving consumers health and maintaining fitness
  • Providing the highest quality products at competitive prices
  • Passionately focus on Customer Value
  • Clean and well maintained facilities

II. For Our Suppliers, We Are Committed To:

  • Dealing with them through integrity and fairness
  • Treating them as partners in our operations

III. For Our Employees, We Are Committed To:

  • Value and Employment Security of our Associates‚Äč
  • Development of their job skills